Nurturing the human factor.
Organizations don’t change, people do. Leadership is essential to accomplishing what an organization is seeking, whether it’s revenue or a mission. Untapping people’s potential is critical to success. This requires focusing on what engages people, what motivates them, what inspires them. Each individual is different. Delta Prime helps to create strategies that will accelerate progress in individuals, teams, and organizational health. Encouraging leaders to be self-reflective, take bold risks, fail and learn from the experience is our recipe for success. Transformation starts with leadership, and through modeled behavior, teams come together to achieve the impossible.
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Delta Prime is an organizational health and recruitment consulting firm committed to helping organizations and it’s people tap into their potential.

No two individuals and no two organizations are the same, so our approach to organizational health and recruitment isn’t either. To be successful, an organization need the right combination of strong, compassionate leadership, vulnerability, expertise, courage and trust. It needs an empowered, engaged, and committed team that works effectively and efficiently together to achieve its vision. And it needs individuals to share in the passion and values of the organization they are a part of. Delta Prime helps build and develop leaders, staff, and teams to make this a reality.